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The most intuitive calculator

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Arithmetic + Fractions


Percentage + Time


Solving problems

Basic EquationFraction Equation
Percentage EquationTime Equation
Equation with powerEquation with root
Linear EquationEquation: Law of sines

Superior trigonometry

Radians as Fraction of πTrig Reciprocal
Trig SquareAngle in degrees, minutes, seconds

Complex numbers

Complex 1Complex 2

Engineering formats

Format: EngineeringFormat: SI Prefix

Precision + Extreme

Pi in 25 digitsHuge Number

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Over 100.
For age 5 to 105.

  • Arithmetic (6)

    +, –, ×, ÷,
    modulo, quotient

  • Rounding (6)

    round, truncate,
    floor, ceiling,
    integer, fractional part

  • Percentage & Tax (12)

    % change, as % of

    common operations:
    a + b%, a – b%, a × b%

    a inc – b%, a inc × b%

    a + b%^c, a – b%^c,
    a × b%^c

    compound inclusive:
    a inc – b%^c, a inc × b%^c

    More info

  • Roots & Exponents (10)

    √, n√,
    x–1, x2, x3, xY, x1/Y,
    ex, 2x, 10x

  • Logarithm (3)

    loge, log10, log2

  • Angle & Geometry (5)

    convert to radians,
    convert to degrees,
    convert to d° m′ s″,
    hypotenuse, adjacent

  • Trigonometric (12)

    sin, cos, tan,
    sin–1, cos–1, tan–1,
    csc, sec, cot,
    csc–1, sec–1, cot–1

  • Hyperbolic (12)

    sinh, cosh, tanh,
    sinh–1, cosh–1, tanh–1
    csch, sech, coth,
    csch–1, sech–1, coth–1

  • Complex Numbers (6)

    real part, imaginary part,
    argument, absolute value
    conjugate, polar

  • Combinatorics (3)

    Factorial, combinations, permutations

  • Statistical (10)

    sum, count, average, maximum, minimum, median, mode, standard deviation, variance, coefficient of variation

  • Comparison (5)

    max – min,
    max ÷ min, min ÷ max,
    max ∆% min,
    min ∆% max

  • Linear Regression (8)

    Slope, forecast x, forecast y
    x-intercept, y-intercept
    correlation coefficient,
    coefficient of determination,
    standard error of estimate

  • Matrix (4)

    Determinant, inverse, Gaussian elimination, Gauss-Jordan elimination

  • Bitwise Operators (5)

    and, or, exclusive or, nor, not


  • Numeral bases (4)

    Decimal, binary, octal, hexadecimal

  • Numeric formats (6)

    Default decimal,
    fixed decimal places,
    scientific notation,
    engineering notation,
    SI prefix, fraction

  • 25 digits precision
  • 50+ scientific constants
  • 10 variable-like memories
  • 4 customizable tax rates
  • 2 ways to assign them:

    m = 42  or  42 = m

  • Everything is auto saved
  • History’s items are reusable
  • Option to auto copy result
  • Export expression as PDF

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